Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium Magnets are the most preferred products of  Unisource Industrial magnets. These magnets are specially made from powder metallurgy containing different elements of Neodimium, Iron and Boron (NdFeB). The NdFeB magnets are known for strong magnetic intensity . The Neodymium magnets have several other names, which are popularly known as Neo magnets, Super Strength magnets and Rare Earth magnets (please note that SmCo is also called a Rare Earth magnet). NdFeB also known as rare earth magnets because, neodymium in itself is a product that has rare earth element. These magnets have se Read More

Ferrite Magnets

Ferrite magnets are used in wide range of applications because of its high coercively and low cost.These ferrite magnets are unique,which provide perfect resistance to demagnetization / corrosion.Ferrite magnets can be used up to 250 degrees C.Ferrite magnets have some properties which are electrically insulated, and this is the reason it also popularly known as Ceramic magnets. Apart from usual features, these magnets are used widely in switches, loud speakers, security systems, audio and television and holding devices such as pot magnets. Ferrite magnets are often used in electrical motor a Read More

Samarium Cobalt

Built with the help of sintering process Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) exists in two different forms. The first is Sm1Co5 (SmCo 1:5) and which has a higer energy product of between 18 and 22 MGOe. The second and the most common one is Sm2Co17 (SmCo 2:17) and it has an optimum energy product of between 22 and 30 MGOe. The most importantly, SmCo is equipped with alloy is around 35% Samarium (Sm) and 60% Cobalt (Co) with the balance being from varying amounts of Iron (Fe), Copper (Cu), Hafnium (Hf) and Zirconium (Zr). Praseodymium (Pr) may also be used. Also known as SmCo, rare earth cobalt,  sama Read More

Clamping Magnets

Clamping Magnets are one of those popular magnets that Unisource  has been manufacturing over the years now. With removable hooks with these clamping magnets, makes it ideal for holding portable lighting to steelwork. That’s not all; it also has holding cables off the floor, which provides momentary or permanent hanging points which suits it on any steel surface. It also comes in smaller shapes and sizes, which seldom being used in many markets in order to hold promotional signs. Types Of Clamping Magnets :– Ceiling Magnets Car Roof Top Magnets Car Roof Top Display Magn Read More

Pot Magnets

Comes in wide variety of ranges, Unisource Industrial  offers you pot magnets from small to large sizes.These magnets are avaialblein ranges of different diameters and heights. We also specialize in making pot magnets of different shapes and sizes also, depending on your requirements. In low moisture content, our all pot magnets are very useful in ambient temperature applications. NdFeB Pot Magnets are considering as the best in pulling up maximum strength that too with a small size. In fact, all our pot magnets offers handful of benefits, depending on different applications, here are f Read More

Fridge Magnets

Unisource Industrial is the well known name, when it comes to supply and manufacture of Fridge Magnets. These magnets are used in adorning your refrigerators. In one word, Fridge Magnets are used in order to post items and this includes shopping lists or report cards on a refrigerator. When it comes to different designs and shapes, our fridge magnets considered as the best in Indian Market.  

Alnico Magnets

Alnico alloys can be magnetised to produce strong magnetic fields and have a high coercivity (resistance to demagnetization), thus making strong permanent magnets. Of the more commonly available magnets, only rare-earth magnets such as neodymium and samarium-cobalt are stronger.