Vacuum Pumps

Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pumps

Univac make rotary vane oil lubricated type Vacuum/pressure pumps are built with many features to give trouble free performance. All moving parts are properly lubricated to minimize wear. Stringent quality control in manufacture and assembly ensures consistency in Vacuum level and performance of the pumps. The pumps run silently and are fan cooled. Pumps are compact in size and can be easily integrated into original equipment. Oil from the exhaust is baffled and filtered to avoid oil spillage through the exhaust. These pumps find application in laboratory distillation, screen printing, bot Read More

Oil Sealed High Vacuum Pumps

Univac oil sealed high vacuum pumps are compact offering a high degree of vacuum with low power consumption. Available in various capacities ranging from 50 Lpm to 1000 Lpm in  belt driven and direct driven versions with an ultimate vacuum of 0.001 mm of mercury. These pumps have anti-suck back facility, low noise operation, minimum vibration, low oil charge, and high water vapour tolerance through gas ballast.

Dry Type Vacuum/Pressure Pumps

Univac dry pumps are built for continuous duty and trouble free performance. These pumps are ideal for applications requiring oil free air at moderate pressures. These pumps are compact, sturdy and reliable requiring no maintenance. Manufacturing and assembly methods employed ensure high efficiency of operation DT series pumps have graded graphite vanes which have a very low but a permanent wear factor. Dry vacuum pumps may run at pressure unlike other kinds of pumps. Maintenance is limited to replacing of vanes and cleaning the filters.   Read More

Water Ring Vacuum Pumps

Univac offers state of the art water ring vacuum pumps in both single and two stage versions. These pumps are designed to handle water, liquid, air, gas, etc. These pumps are used in industries like pharmaceuticlas, food, solvent extraction, oil refineries, textile industries, filtration, disillation, vacuum drying, etc. A choice of materials of construction to cater to wide range of applications is offered - complete cast iron, partial bronze, partial SS 316 to complete SS 316. These pumps are simple and rugged in construction with trouble free operation. Read More